Join us for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Enjoy our World Famous Burgers or perhaps one of great old-fashioned malts or shakes and don't forget the fries!





A Fun Place where...
  • We serve Farm Fresh Eggs from our very own chickens!
  • Our seasonal veggies are grown from our garden and local farmers!
  • Stay the whole week in one of our super-cool, themed cabins!
  • You can play the juke box with 100's of 50's tunes  Yes!!! It really does work!
    (you can even ask them to turn it up!)
  • You can wear your saddle shoes and poodle skirt and feel right at home (finally) !
  • Flo is happy to see you.
  • Regular Elvis sightings.
  • You need 2 napkins for your burger.



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